Georgia School Funding Association

The damage now being done to public education in Georgia is explained in this op-ed article.

Welcome to the Web site of the Georgia School Funding Association, which was previously known as the "Consortium for Adequate School Funding in Georgia."

The purpose of the Association is to seek adequate funding for Georgia's schools. All of the funds for public education must be spent wisely and effectively, but the current level of funding is not sufficient to prepare all of our students for constructive citizenship, meaningful employment, and life-long learning.

The State of Georgia has a constitutional obligation to provide an adequate education for every child in Georgia, but is not fulfilling this responsibility. The QBE Formula is no longer a realistic measure of the cost of providing an adequate education. Local school systems are being forced to absorb an increasing share of the required cost. Although this problem is particularly severe for those systems without a substantial local tax base, it affects all local school systems. The recent cuts in State funding have made this situation even worse.

Raising the level of State financing for the basic program would benefit every system in Georgia, especially since all systems are being expected to meet higher standards and new forms of accountability. Some systems will always be able to do more for their students than other systems, but the essential elements of an adequate education should be available to every student. 

The Association is strictly non-partisan, and its actions are not intended to criticize any State official. Its activities are governed by a board of directors elected by its members.

Individuals and organizations are invited to become members of the Association. The only prerequisite is a genuine interest in the cause of improving Georgia’s schools.

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To achieve its goal, the Association has adopted an action plan with the following tasks:  

  1. Prepare credible research on the financing of K-12 education in Georgia.
  2. Provide policy-makers and the general public with information about the financial crisis affecting Georgia's schools.
  3. Pursue remedies through litigation, if necessary.